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Give yourself the upper hand

When it comes to selling yourself on paper, there are a number of useful tips for getting noticed


An Introduction into Graduate CV Writing

When you apply to join our Graduate Programme, your CV will be our first point of contact with you and that's why it's got to blow us away. We are on the hunt for seriously smart and creative people and the best CV tip we can give you is to make sure that your CV reflects these qualities.

5 Tips for CV Writing

  1. Get to the point in the quickest and most relevant way possible: When writing your DStv Graduate Programme CV try to include info that is relevant to the position you've got your eye on. Get to the point quickly and in a concise manner and you'll have the reader's full attention (and thanks). Any additional information will come out in the interview process.
  2. Make sure it's aligned to the job you are applying for: This is a biggie. We know what kind of expertise and skills we're after so make sure you understand what the position entails and tailor your CV towards them. It'll make it far easier to spot the diamonds we're looking for. Learn more about the key details relevant to the DStv Graduate Programme before writing your CV.
  3. Avoid making errors: One of the best CV writing tips you'll ever get is don't make spelling and grammar errors. Take your application seriously - there's nothing more off-putting than careless submissions. Make sure you do a thorough spell check and get a friend to proof read it for you just in case. Another good tip for when you're writing your Graduate CV is to make sure that you list accurate dates and details of the jobs you have and any other qualification you may wish include.
  4. Formal language: Applying for a job is serious business. While we don't expect you to bust out your inner Shakespeare, your CV needs to be written in a formal and professional manner. While they have become in ingrained part of our society, slang and SMS speak should have no place in your CV.
  5. Good References: When writing your Graduate CV, ensure that you list credible references who know you, your work and skills well. A good tip is to let them know that you're listing them as references on your CV before you submit it.
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